The brain behind the brain

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Logitica is a new concept. It is a unique combination of analytical, logical and mathematical problems. The focus of Logitica is to develop logical and analytical thinking by solving innovative and unfamiliar problems. Logitica has been uniquely designed to produce a quantum leap in learning by stimulating an individual's cognitive abilities.

Logitica is the brain behind the brain

Three important concepts in Logitica:

I. Build true knowledge

Continuous learning along with building logic iteratively results in true knowledge. True knowledge is not acquired; it is built iteratively and continuously. Logitica is an excellent way to build true knowledge by developing analytical and logical thinking iteratively



As we are navigating and experiencing the rapid changes 4th industrial revolution is bringing to our lives and to our entire ecosystem. It is imperative that we radically change our learning patterns. I believe logitica will provide the platform that will transform the way we approach and solve real world problems in the most innovative ways. It will also enable millennials to become more adaptable to incredibly fast changing world.

Abhijit Dasgupta
Director in a large Fortune 500 multinational organization

In our day-to-day work, we are exposed to so much information that it clutters our thinking ability. In other words, our thinking becomes polarized, mundane, directional and may even be irrational. However, one needs to think out of the box to be successful in the life, which is where Logitica comes in. It's not just the problem solving, it can totally change your approach at how you look at something. Connect with Logitica and you can virtually see your attitude, approach and nerve elevated. Go for it!

Animesh Kumar
Works for Product and System standardization

Logitica is revitalising the core of pre-Vedic educational elements where the brain is systematically trained to achieve its much higher potential, unbundling the perceived and prevailing limits and expanding it multi-dimensionally. One must learn how to tap the untapped cognitive power to be successful. That is where Logitica comes into the picture. It aims to harness untapped cognitive potential and provide learning with an ignited leverage. With an immense potential to provide a quantum leap in one’s logical and analytical ability, Logitica will continue to evolve as a new subject.

Anish Kumar
An executive from Government Services

In today’s information superhighway, the internet provides information and know-how of almost everything. With so much information available, the ability to analyze and use the information in an effective way will be more valuable in times to come. Logitica is a perfect example of how mathematics can be used in an interesting way to develop logical and analytical thinking ability. It just amazes me, how advanced concepts like Simple Equations, Quadratic Equations, Pascal’s theorem, etc., are introduced in such a lucid way.

Saby Dutta
Executive in a large financial firm

The Current generation is going through a transition where there is too much information around, which requires the need for analytical skills to analyse the information. Logitica is focused on developing those skills through its unique collection of problems. My son has been solving Logitica problems for the past few months and I can see the progress in him. This is definitely going to help students of all age groups.

Sanjay P
Executive in a financial organization

Being part of this Logitica has made me significantly better at attempting unfamiliar problems. The different levels of questions have further developed my understanding of the basic concepts. I have learned that we should try to memorise the problem, deconstruct its components and even create new problems rather than memorising the answers.


The brain behind the brain

Students: Train your brain.

Without training, we use less than 10% of our brain. Training your brain is a journey towards the intelligence

Professionals: Learn to analyze.

If I have one hour to solve a problem I would only spend 55 minutes defining the problem and the remaining 5 minutes solving it routinely.


Learners: Learn to think.

Learning is about pattern building. It starts at a early stage of life and soon becomes memorization. However, Logitica focuses on challenging your brain to resume the thinking process.

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